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General Writer's Guidelines

AIR & SPACE/Smithsonian is a general interest magazine about flight. Its purpose is to enlighten and to entertain. Its goal is to show readers, both the knowledgeable and the novice, facets of the enterprise of flight that they are unlikely to encounter elsewhere. The emphasis is on the human rather than the technological, on the ideas behind events, rather than a simple recounting of details.

Style points:

  • Writing should be clear, accurate, and engaging. It should be free of technical and insider jargon, and generous with explanation and background.
  • The first step every aspiring contributor should take is to study recent issues of the magazine. If back issues are unavailable at your public library, you may obtain a sample copy by sending a check or money order for $7 (includes postage) payable to Air & Space/Smithsonian. Our address is below; please be sure to include yours.
  • The next step is to submit a one-page proposal introducing the article you envision. Describe the approach, the sources, and the possibilities for illustration, as well as your credentials. Editors read proposals especially to evaluate writing skill and imaginativeness of approach. Clips should accompany the proposal.
  • For first-time contributors, writing a department--a short piece that often has a personal point of view--offers the best chance for acceptance.

Our address:

AIR & SPACE Magazine
PO Box 37012
MRC 513
Washington, DC 20013-7012