October 2009 Sightings

October 2009 Sightings

(Matt Hale)
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The airfield and camera both are from another era. Galt Airport, founded by Arthur Galt in 1950 in Greenwood, Illinois, lies in uncontrolled airspace, where air traffic control is unnecessary. So “Uncontrolled Airspace” became the title of a photo exhibit by Steve Mark, running through October 31, 2009, at the Experimental Aircraft Association’s museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. “The project started as an assignment for a photography class,” says Mark, “but quickly expanded to a year-long, 47-weekend labor of love.” In 2008, Mark captured daily life at the airport, using a Graphic View camera and four- by five-inch film typical of studio equipment in the 1940s. Counterclockwise from left: New pilot Bruce Schottland wipes bugs off a Cessna 150, Mike Kryscha poses on the runway with a model glider (affixed to a hidden ladder), and Bill Miles perches in his Piper Cub as Mike Lobaito works late on a summer night. To see more of Mark’s photos, visit www.uncontrolledairspace.info.


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