Last of the Few

The Battle of Britain in the words of the pilots who won it

(Adrian Pingstone)

Pilot Officer David Crook: 609 Squadron

(Adrian Pingstone)

It is an odd thing when you are being fired at by a rear-gunner that the stream of bullets seems to leave the machine very slowly and in a great outward curve. You chuckle to yourself, “Ha, the fool’s missing me by miles!” Then, suddenly, the bullets accelerate madly and curl in towards you again and flick just past your head. You thereupon bend your head a little lower, mutter, “My God,” or some other suitable expression, and try to kill the rear-gunner before he makes any more nuisance of himself.

Pictured: Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIA at Kemble AIr Day 2008, Glouchestershire, England.


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