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A6M2 Zero

One of the few remaining Japanese Zeros

The Texas Flying Legends Museum in Houston owns one of the few flying Japanese Zeros left in the world. Mitsubishi designed the famed WW2 fighter, which the Allies referred to as “Zeke.”

Use the controls at the bottom of the frame to navigate or zoom in and out. Click on the full screen icon (far right) for the most detailed view.

About Lyle Jansma

Over time, photographer Lyle Jansma has improved his technique for creating and sharing 360º cockpit views, taking his camera to other aircraft collections including the Museum of Flight, Tillamook Air Museum, Evergreen Air & Space Museum, and the National Museum of the Air Force in Dayton, Ohio. The images are available on the ACI Cockpit360º App for iPads and iPhones, and now, in the Panorama gallery.

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