The Jet as Art

Jeffrey Milstein’s photographs transform aviation technology into fine art

(Jeffrey Milstein)


(Jeffrey Milstein)

Among the jets, a propeller-driven aircraft sneaks in. "For the engineer," writes Boyne, "Milstein's works of art are reminders of the long, tortuous history of airfoils, which evolved from bulky wire-rigged forms to the sword shapes of today. The engineer will note the swift development of jets from tiny oil burners, so fragile that they might last only twenty-five hours, to the huge, incredibly powerful engines of today, which run for so many thousands of hours that they are more vulnerable to rust than to wear."

Beechcraft Model 18 (SNB-2)
2-engine, light transport
Length: 35 feet, 2.5 inches
Wingspan: 49 feet, 8 inches
Maximum takeoff weight: 9,900 lbs


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