Voices from the Moon

What it was like, in the astronauts’ own words.

Bill Anders, Apollo 8 Lunar Module Pilot


The biggest philosophy, foundation-shaking impression was seeing the smallness of the Earth….Even the pictures don’t do it justice, because they always have this frame around them. But when you …put your eyeball to the window of the spacecraft, you can see essentially half of the universe….That’s a lot more black and a lot more universe than ever comes through a framed picture….It’s not how small the Earth was, it’s just how big everything else was….You look around and you say, “Shiiiit, there ain’t anything else, anywhere.” I mean, that is all there is, really, except for the sun, which you didn’t look at. You look around, and you don’t see any stars; you just see this dull black, and this [Earth] is the only thing there. Okay?

(Photo: Earth from Apollo 8)

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