Back Issues/Reprint Policy

We have a limited number of articles from the magazine available online. If you want a copy of an article that is not available online, you may want to order a back issue from the editorial office.

Articles from Air & Space/Smithsonian magazine are not reprinted for orders of less than 500 copies. Back issues, however, can be purchased from the Smithsonian or can be found in many public or university libraries.

Back issues are $7.00 each, postpaid. To order, please make your check or money order (in U.S. dollars) payable to the Smithsonian Institution and send your request to:

Air & Space Magazine, 420 Lexington Ave., Suite 2335, New York, NY, 10170, ATTN: Back Issues or call 212-916-1300. For specific questions, please contact James Babcock at

If you would like to have 500 or more copies of an article reprinted, please contact the above address for cost.

All information on price and availability of materials is subject to change.