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The Air & Space 2017 Guide to the Summer’s Most Spectacular Performances.

Our airshow guide for 2017 links you to more than 150 events across the United States from April through November, featuring aircraft of all kinds in flight and on static display. Icons under each show’s description indicate whether particular performance teams, such as the U.S. Navy Blue Angels, Canadian Forces Snowbirds, or USAF Thunderbirds, will appear. (A key to the icons appears below the map.)

The French aerobatic demonstration team, Patrouille de France, will tour the United States this year to mark the anniversary of French and U.S. cooperation in World War I. Their North American schedule offers flyovers as well as full aerobatic demonstrations. The F-35A Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter returns for its second season to lead heritage flights alongside classic airplanes of the WWII, Vietnam and Korean war eras, while the world’s most agile and stealthy fighter, the F-22 Raptor, not only performs exhilarating solo demonstrations but pairs with the P-51 Mustang in a heritage formation.

Click on the map for dates, links, and locations, and start planning your trip.

(Photo: Lance Cpl. George Melendez / USMC)

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