Aviation’s Man in Washington

Congressman Sam Graves represents two groups: the citizens of Missouri’s 6th District and private pilots.

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I’ve pretty much got everything I need. Because this is going to be a flying airplane, all of our wood components are going to be new. The glue technology today is 1,000 times better than it was in the ’40s. We got the plans from the Smithsonian. We’re getting ready to go to construction.

You started an airshow in your hometown of Tarkio, Missouri.

Yes, it’s a big warbird show, and we also have aerobatic performers. It’s a very hands-on, grassroots, up-close-and-personal show. We don’t allow ropes around airplanes. We want people out there touching these planes and asking questions. And sometimes that brings a problem or two, but regardless, we want to encourage them.

How did the show start?

It was a Flying Breakfast years ago, the Rotary Flying Breakfast, and it just died. Then I got involved in Rotary and started doing the Flying Breakfasts,. Then we decided, "Well, we ought to do an air show." At first we called it the Congressional Air Show, then we changed all the rules around here, so I couldn’t do that anymore. So we formed an EAA Chapter, and now the EAA Chapter puts it on, and they call themselves the Wing Nuts Flying Circus.

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