The Drones Are Here to Help

UAVs will make the world a better place, says Pocket Drone inventor Timothy Reuter.

Timothy Reuter with his personal flying robot. (Pocket Drones)

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And this is the natural evolution of a lot of technologies. We saw it first with the personal computer, and, you know, the hacker group building their own computers that eventually evolved into folks like Apple that made it something that you could just use off the shelf. And more recently, we’ve seen the same thing with 3D printers. Now it’s transitioned to people who just buy a MakerBot that works off the shelf. They can go from focusing on building the equipment to using the equipment.

What gave you the confidence that you could design something that would be marketable and usable?

We live in an exciting time, where there are just new tools available to create products and start a business. So my partner, TJ, and I have been working with3D printers and [computer numerical control] mills that allow you to try out new designs at a very rapid clip. Whereas before it would have cost hundreds of thousands, if not millions, to try and iterate your different prototypes, now it costs thousands or tens of thousands. And then we validated that the marketplace was interested in this through Kickstarter. So, again, historically we would have had to go to a bunch of venture capitalists and say, you know, “Can we have a million dollars to build a flying robot?” And then have people laugh in our face. We were able to go directly to the public with our design, and we raised just under a million dollars.

So, we’ll be delivering the drones over the summer.


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