Guide to Your Future

Hundreds of organizations in the aerospace industry are ready to give you money—to train to fly, to learn their trades, to work for them as apprentices, or to study their subjects in school. Here is your Air & Space/NEXT guide to these sources. Know a resource we could add? Contact us at


Aviation Systems Engineering Company

March 3rd, 2017, 4:55PM

The ASEC supports testing and engineering for U.S. Navy aircraft, both piloted and drone, and needs an intern in Lexington Park, Maryland, with at least one year of college study. The junior engineering intern will help develop a prototype aircraft in ASEC’s commercial drone department, learning about coding as well as 3-D manufacturing. Applicants need to pass an investigation for access to Secret classified information.


Kingdom Air Corps

March 3rd, 2017, 4:52PM

A ministry based on a ranch in Sutton, Alaska, hires interns for approximately two months between May and September. Interns can work on ratings and certificate training, and gain experience in mountain and bush flying with the mission’s fleet of 20 single-engine aircraft.


Retailer Walmart has its own flight department and offers four one-week-long internships in June and August at its base in Rogers, Arkansas. Interns are assigned mentors to learn flight planning, how to conduct a preflight check on an aircraft, and experience a full motion flight simulator. Applicants must have completed at least 90 college credit hours and have an FAA commercial pilot certificate with instrument and multi-engine ratings.


Omni Air International

March 3rd, 2017, 4:49PM

Omni hires summer interns in Tulsa, Oklahoma to help comply with a variety of safety and regulatory standards in its charter flight business. Interns in flight operations may configure electronic flight bags for Omni pilots, and help conduct audits. Interns in safety and security not only help to ensure that procedures are followed but also monitor world events to keep staff informed of the latest developments in security. Applicants must be enrolled full time at the university level with a 3.0 GPA.


The ICCT assigns its summer or fall interns to help compile data on the fuel consumption of airlines, with paid, full-time positions for 10-12 weeks. Research and analysis by interns is used to reduce emissions and improve aircraft fuel efficiency. Interns can be college undergraduates or recent graduates, should have experience with spreadsheets, and must submit a short writing sample. The 2017 internship is in the San Francisco office, but ICCT is also located in Washington, D.C., Berlin, and Beijing.


Ball Aerospace

November 21st, 2016, 12:19PM

In a program called BIRST, or Ball Intern Rocket Science Team, college students spend eight weeks of the summer working with payload teams to prepare science packages for orbit. The company also offers 10-week internships at its offices in Colorado, Ohio, Washington, and New Mexico for practical work experience in engineering. At the end of the internships, students might have the opportunity to interview for permanent positions at Ball Aerospace.


Federal Aviation Administration

November 15th, 2016, 5:25PM

The FAA runs a volunteer service program for high school, vocational, and college students who are U.S. citizens at least 16 years old.


The National Air and Space Museum

November 15th, 2016, 5:23PM

The National Air and Space Museum offers volunteer programs for Discovery Stations and Story Times for Children. All positions are unpaid but participants receive in-depth training. The Museum also hires high school and college students for its Explainers Program, paid positions that help visitors better understand the artifacts and exhibits.


The NSBRI offers undergraduate, graduate, veterinary, and medical students summer internships performing biomedical research at NASA’s Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, and Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, California.


Northrop Grumman

November 15th, 2016, 5:12PM

Northrop Grumman has internship openings at locations throughout the U.S. for high school through post-graduate college students. In addition to a diverse range of pre-defined internships of eight to 12 weeks at aerospace and defense company Northrop Grumman, students can apply for a customized work experience via a cooperative education program aligned with their university’s coursework, which not only grants college credit but pays an hourly wage