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DigitalGlobe / WorldView-4
DigitalGlobe / WorldView-4
Commercial satellite imagery company DigitalGlobe just released the first photo from WorldView-4, which was launched November 11. The company boasts that the Lockheed Martin-built satellite has the highest resolution of any commercial satellite, resolving detail down to 30 centimeters. The image, which we’ve abused here by posting in low-res (you can see the original here), is of Yoyogi National Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan, which was built for the 1964 Olympics and will be used again for the 2020 Games. DigitalGlobe markets its imagery for mapping, security, and humanitarian response purposes, but also collects its own set of images for its ongoing 16-year time-lapse image library.

Heather Goss is the Departments Editor at Air & Space.

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