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Department Descriptions and Guidelines

The following is a list of departments open to freelance submission and guidelines for submitting to them.

Soundings: a compilation of newsy, somewhat offbeat short reports on the less illuminated corners of aerospace activities, from aeromodeling to the arts, from proceedings and events at group meetings to new technologies that have gone unreported in the mass media. The raw material of a good Soundings would probably appear as a story in a local paper and should provide a close-up of people involved in a unique aerospace enterprise.

Above & Beyond: a first-person narrative of an adventure in air or space. Many have been written by pilots and astronauts. An "I was there" flavor is essential. (1,500 words)

Flights & Fancy: a whimsical, brief reflection that should leave the reader chuckling quietly. This department offers the opportunity for a range of tones, from nostalgic to mischievous to satiric. (800 words)

Reviews & Previews: a description and critique of a recent or soon-to-be-released book, video, movie, aerospace-related recreational product, or software. Reviewers should have specific experience or knowledge that enables them to give informed evaluations. Quotations from the text must be accompanied by page numbers. (200-500 words)

Oldies and Oddities: a bit of funky, little-known history; generally records the rise and fall of a design or idea that was ingenious but doomed. Descriptions of the personalities behind the brainstorms are especially encouraged. (800 words)

Feature articles: require substantial research and reporting. Length and fees vary widely, depending on the type of treatment proposed. In the event that an article is not accepted for publication, a kill fee is negotiated. Payment for first North American Serial Rights is made upon acceptance.

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We publish only 6 issues a year, so it is difficult to place an article in AIR & SPACE Magazine, but please be assured that all proposals are considered.