Turning Airsick Bags into Art

Qantas is looking for submissions to its “Spew Bag Challenge.”

Qantas' campaign is inspired by artist Gemma O'Brien. (Courtesy Gemma O'Brien)

Bored on long flights? Qantas Airlines is hoping that passengers will transform monotony into masterpiece with their new social media campaign, which asks customers to sketch on airsickness bags and display the results in an online gallery, reports the Telegraph. Each Friday in May, the most creative entrants will receive a double Qantas Club pass (valid for priority check-in, extra baggage allowance, and access to Qantas airport lounges).

Here’s some of the airline’s favorite art so far: 

Qantas art.jpg
The May 9 winners, submitted by @rabbittownart, @timberdog, and @cordienet. (Via Qantas Airways' Instagram page.)

The campaign is the brainchild of Australian artist / typographer Gemma O’Brien, who explains the project’s origins in the official YouTube video:

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