An Aerial View of Geology

Photographer Michael Collier and his Cessna 180 bring North America’s coastal landscapes into focus.

(Michael Collier)

Grays Harbor

(Michael Collier)

Now a family physician based in Williams, Arizona, Collier works as both a doctor and a photographer, spending one week at a time at each profession. He considers his Cessna 180 “the world’s most expensive tripod,” and shoots film through handheld, gyrostabilized Pentax 645 cameras.

Of this image of Grays Harbor, Collier notes: “Tides vary by as much as fourteen feet over the ninety square miles of Grays Harbor near Hoquiam, Washington, seen here at low tide. A rising tide brings sand into the bottom of the harbor, while low tide exposes mudflats that dominate the harbor’s North Bay.”

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