Finding Fred McConnell

Aviation in the heartland has fewer than six degrees of separation.

Lemuel C. Shattuck works as a cropduster on the Great Plains. (Courtesy Lemuel C. Shattuck)
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I remember the base dedication ceremony well. General H.R. Spicer made an indelible impression on me as a 10-year-old girl. Not only was he quite charming, but he was very attentive to my little brother, little sister, and me during the dedication. He was a very caring and loving person. His smile was from ear to ear, and the twinkle of his eyes was mesmerizing. He was most definitely not the usual stiff officer type.

It was simply spine-tingling to have “accidentally” encountered Lem, and then to have him tell me how my father and mother’s plane was found, piece by piece, in a Kansas wheat field, and then restored. My husband, Bruce, and I are planning a trip sometime in the next year, to go back and meet Lem in person, and also Mr. Bumgarner, the owner and restorer of the Fleet.

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