In the Museum: Model Employee

In the Museum: Model Employee

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Aside from the models, Gianakos’ presence is felt in other, unexpected ways in the Museum. A new exhibit in the Air Transport Gallery will feature the nose section of a Boeing 747—the very one that Gianakos has flown a number of times in his career (see “Nose Job,” below). It will be the first full-scale “model” of his in the Museum.


Nose Job

A 747 NOSE SECTION IS THE LATEST addition to an exhibit called America by Air, scheduled to open in 2008 in the Museum’s Air Transport gallery. Model maker Dave Gianakos flew the aircraft that donated its nose; the last time he piloted the 747, he flew 450 troops from Alexandria, Louisiana, to Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, just a few months prior to the 747’s retirement from Northwest Airlines service. For more information on the jet’s big move, visit

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