Jumping Ship

No, it’s not a disaster. It’s a world record.

(Brian Buckland)

The Bench

(Brian Buckland)

While 108 skydivers were part of the record, there were approximately 140 jumpers on site. “There was a pretty big ‘bench,’ as we call it,” says Buckland, “of people that were waiting to get on.”

Every jump is recorded with video and still photography; event organizers review the video after each attempt and identify who needs to step down, and who will be brought in as a replacement. “There’s a chance you can get back on [the record attempt],” says Buckland, “but when there’s that big of a bench—over 30 people, and they’re all good—they’re all going to be given a shot before you get back on. There’s a good chance you’ll be sitting for a while. It’s hard. They train all year, and then they get cut.”

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