Jumping Ship

No, it’s not a disaster. It’s a world record.

(Brian Buckland)

Mastering the Formation

(Brian Buckland)

The photographers—and there were five for this event—are among the first to jump out of the aircraft. “The front lead plane has the base, or the center of the formation,” says Buckland. “When they leave, all the other planes unload. As we get ready to unload, we climb out—there are steps and handles and bars on the outside of the aircraft. As the cameraman, I’m all the way in the back towards the tail with a foot on the step and a hand on the handle. I’m watching the front center plane, and as soon as I see bodies coming out of it, I let go and I start my skydive. I was one of two people who were underneath the group, and then we had someone who was on level, and two people that were above, moving around.”

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