Jumping Ship

No, it’s not a disaster. It’s a world record.

(Brian Buckland)

Final Jump

(Brian Buckland)

Coordinating a triple-digit jump wasn’t easy. “People would fly down and follow a person into what they thought was their slot, or pod, and when they got there, they’d realize they were following the wrong person—or it wasn’t their slot,” says Buckland. “On the very last jump we had that happen with somebody. This guy was one pod off. He realized he was on the wrong pod right away, but instead of going to the left—one pod over and fixing it, he went the other way, all the way around 107 people. He got all the way around, and got in at the very last second.”

Visit Buckland’s website to see additional aerial photographs. To learn more about his interest in combining skydiving with photography, read a piece he wrote in 2008 for Boston.com.

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