June July 2009 Sightings

June July 2009 Sightings

“At the Wing Nuts Flying Circus airshow in Tarkio, Missouri, in July 2008, the black surfaces of a Cessna Bobcat [right] showed every drop of rain beading on its wings and engine cowling, telling the story of a rain delay." - Max Haynes (Max Haynes)
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We’ve been captivated for years by the work of Max Haynes, who sees photography as a narrative art. His Web site, www.maxair2air.com,
is a collection of stories he tells through photographs. Here is Haynes describing the process in his own words:

From This Story

“I examine the graphic elements at play that create a story. I look for juxtapositions of light and dark, or, as we photographers call it, positive and negative space. Silhouettes provide the most dramatic examples of this contrast.

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