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The last remaining Vulcan bomber flies with the Red Arrows over Farnborough on July 9. (Farnborough Air Show)

The biennial Farnborough International Airshow runs July 9 through July 15 in Hampshire, England. Irene Klotz will be on hand throughout the week, reporting on the aerospace industry's latest and greatest.

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July 12
Russia opens new frontier in “Space Zone”

Tucked into the farthest hall of the massive Farnborough airshow exhibit area this year is “The Space Zone,” a relative newcomer to the biennial event. It’s twice the size it was for its debut at the 2010 show, due in no small part to the addition this year of Roscosmos and a half-dozen or so Russian space companies eyeing international sales.

RSC Energia, makers of the Soyuz spacecraft, featured a model of the International Space Station, enhanced with planned Russian hardware, as well as a replica of the Sea Launch system. Around the corner, Khrunichev showcased its sizeable family of rockets.

Displays at the Research and Production Corporation included wall-sized posters of laser trackers and satellite-studded retro-reflectors. The technology apparently also can be used to monitor objects that don’t have reflectors, such as space junk, but not with the same precision, department head Vladimir Burmistrov, said through a translator.

Except for Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo mockup, which is located outdoors, space will remain largely invisible to the general public at Farnborough. The exhibit hall, which attracted about 1,400 companies from 40 countries, shuts down on Friday. The public venue runs over the weekend.



July 11
Branson's Olympic wish

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