“The Client Wants to Land Where?”

Could we fly a bizjet into a remote strip in the Himalayas?

Avoiding the mountains looming over Paro focuses the mind wonderfully. (Poowin Bunyavejchewin)
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The next morning, I awoke to learn the weather had held off and they’d made it through just fine. In Atterbury’s words, the airplane climbed out of that valley “like a homesick angel.” And after so much work to see this project through, there was a unique benefit: flipping on the TV to see how it had paid off. My family and I watched the client’s travel program, so I could show them what had been keeping daddy up so late for the past two months.

Patrick Chiles has worked for NetJets since 1998 as a flight dispatch supervisor, performance engineer, and safety manager. His first novel, Perigee, is a techno-thriller set in the commercial spaceflight industry.

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