The People and Planes of Flabob

This California airport is hallowed ground for homebuilders and Hollywood stunt pilots alike.

One of the most beautiful restorations hangared at Flabob is a 1928 Stearman C3B owned by Ron Alexander. (Chad Slattery)
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FLABOB AIRPORT (RIR) lies some 50 miles east of Los Angeles, between the small town of Rubidoux and the city of Riverside. Flabob averages 74 general aviation operations per day, half of which are flown by the airport's own pilots and the other half by transients.

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Dining: Try the Flabob Airport Café, open seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.Don't Miss: The Experimental Aircraft Association Chapter One's monthly barbecues; all fly-ins, drive-ins, and walk-ins welcome. Talk shop with such legendary Chapter One members as Ray Stits and Clayton Stephens. For calendar of events, visit and, or write to EAA Chapter One, P.O. Box 3667, Riverside, CA 92519; phone (909) 682-6236. Annual membership is $12.

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