The Smithsonian’s Hollywood Moment

The makers of Night at the Museum took great pains to get it right.

Twentieth Century Fox “had really faithful re-creations of aircraft and spacecraft,” she says. But don’t look for the movie version of Amelia Earhart’s airplane (shown here) to enter the collection. (Phil Bray)

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The producers gave Weitekamp and van der Linden copies of the script to help them prepare for the onslaught of visitors. “Starting this summer,” says Weitekamp, “we’re going to have visitors coming in who think they’ve seen this Museum. And they’ve seen some pieces that were filmed in the three days they did actual shooting on the Mall, and an awful lot that was on a soundstage in Vancouver. What’s exciting for us is that people are going to see the Smithsonian and the National Air and Space Museum and the Castle as characters in this movie, and then perhaps have some renewed interest in coming here to see the real thing.”

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