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Eleven airplanes you could only call “cute.”

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Smallest Airliner

Bellanca 14-9L Cruisair
North Carolina’s State Airlines flew a three-seat Bellanca 14-9L from Charlotte to the South Carolina cities of Charleston and Columbia in the early 1940s. Along with a pilot and two passengers, the Cruisair could accommodate 60 pounds of baggage.

Wingspan: 34 feet 3 inches
Length: 21 feet 3 inches
Empty weight: 965 pounds



Smallest Jet

Bede 5J
In the early 1970s, Jim Bede’s audacious BD-5 kit (promising 200 mph on 40 horsepower) and BD-5J kit jet (276 mph, 202 pounds of thrust from a Micro Turbo TRS-18) rallied the homebuilder community like no other aircraft. But the company declared bankruptcy in 1979, by which time only a handful of BD-5Js were up and flying, mostly at airshows.

Wingspan: 17 feet
Length: 7 feet
Empty weight: 450 pounds



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