Tell Us Your Flying Story!

If you have a compelling tale about a flight experience, Air & Space wants to hear it.

A Decathlon (top) and Citabria take wing. (Jim Koepnick)

Air & Space/Smithsonian has a new goal: To publish the most comprehensive collection of flying stories ever. Be a part of history! Tell us your (brief) tale of a single flight. We’re looking for stories from pilots, passengers, astronauts, balloonists—fliers of all types. If it flies and you’ve experienced it, we want to hear about it!

Email your story to Try to keep it under 250 words. Type WE ALL FLY in the subject line. All emails must include your full name and mailing address. We’ll let you know if your story is selected for our special issue on the experience of flight.

You may have flown a record-setting flight or one that was meaningful just to you. Perhaps you were a passenger traveling on a historic day, or something unusual happened that made the flight momentous. It could be something extraordinary you saw from your window seat on an otherwise ordinary trip. Or maybe you experienced one of those landings when the cabin erupts with applause because you all survived. Share the story with us! Maybe we’ll share it with the world.

We regret that we can’t respond to every email. All stories for publication may be edited.


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