Building a Great Air and Space Library

To find the very best books about the world of aviation and spaceflight, we asked for recommendations.

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* Scott Berg, biographer
* William Burrows, aerospace historian and author
* Andrew Chaikin, author, A Man on the Moon
* Geoff Chester, Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Naval Observatory
* Richard P. Hallion, U.S. Air Force Historian
* Dan Hagedorn and Brian Nicklas, National Air and Space Museum Archives
* Peter Jakab, curator, National Air and Space Museum
* Phil Jordan, founding designer, Air & Space/Smithsonian
* J. Campbell Martin, external affairs, NASA-Dryden Flight Research Center, California
* Leonard E. Opdycke, publisher, WWI Aero and Skyways
* Doris Rich, biographer
* Chad Slattery, aviation photographer
* F. Robert van der Linden, curator, National Air and Space Museum
* Stephan Wilkinson, writer

Originally published in Air & Space/Smithsonian, February/March 2002. All rights reserved.

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