Flights & Fancy: The Light Brigade

Flights & Fancy: The Light Brigade

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After the Blue Room fête, the pilots were treated to a sumptuous meal in the banquet hall and were given the best hotel rooms. Arrangements were made for a delivery of aviation fuel.

Early the next morning a tanker from Birmingham arrived. By 2:00 p.m., the refueling was completed. The squadron took off.

In the days to follow, many of us relived those daring landings over and over in our minds. They had been a dramatic event for our quiet little town. We heard that some of our citizens, without benefit of radio, had taken the noise of the aircraft to be an approaching cyclone and had rushed to their cellars. But a number of citizens had witnessed—indeed, been a vital part of—the most exciting event in Huntsville, some said, since 1863, when Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his cavalry had run off a Yankee general and his soldiers.

—Walter S. Terry

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