Flyboy: David Ellison Takes Off

In his new film, the actor-pilot gets to combine his two loves.

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A&S: Do you think flying is popular among young people today?
Ellison: I started flying aerobatics when I was 14. I didn't meet anyone my age that was flying until I was 17. Now you look around and there are so many more young aerobatic pilots. The Stars of Tomorrow are a big part of that—everyone is under 30.

I just love Oshkosh because I've been here three times, and each time it's been kind of like a milestone in my life. The first time I was 13 and really enthusiastic about flying. After the show, I was like "I have to do this." The second time I came back and actually flew. Two of the highlights of my life happened to me at this year's show: Saturday, me and my best buds flew [an aerobatic show as part of ] the Stars of Tomorrow. Those were the best aerobatic flights of our lives. Everyone in the audience was clapping and gave us a standing ovation. We jumped on the wings [after landing] and it was awesome. And then to show the movie Flyboys and get a standing ovation was amazing too.


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