Here’s Looking at You, Floyd Bennett

New York City’s first municipal airport couldn’t take a bad picture.

(NASM/ Rudy Arnold)

In the 1930s, Floyd Bennett Field was the place to be if you were a pilot who wanted to make the headlines. Aviators such as Jimmy Doolittle, Jacqueline Cochran, and Wiley Post used the airfield as the departure point and destination to set a slew of speed and distance records. The dashing pilots, sleek airliners, and sweeping vistas attracted the attention of many photographers, including the airport’s resident camera man Rudy Arnold, who shot thousands of images during the airport’s golden age. See the gallery below for a sampling.

Howard Hughes


Spectators swarm Howard Hughes’ Lockheed Model 14. On July 10, 1938, Hughes began a round-the-world flight from Floyd Bennett Field and landed at the airport four days later.

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