In the Museum: Sailors’ Delight

In the Museum: Sailors’ Delight

In 1957 midshipmen launched an N3N from the Severn River in Annapolis. (USNA Archives)
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Five-Minute Fantasy Flights

Visitors to the National Air and Space Museum’s “At the Controls—Flight Simulator Zone” can fly a fully aerobatic flight simulator. During the five-minute experience in the MaxFlight FS2000, operators can emulate the open-cockpit barnstormers of the past or the military fighter pilots of today. The simulators, which are equipped with a sound system and a 58-inch virtual reality screen, can pitch and roll after rising 12 feet off the ground. After strapping themselves in to the two-seat “cockpits,” visitors can move the joystick and fly through loops, 360-degree barrel rolls, and other aerobatic maneuvers. Many of the MaxFlight simulation programs are based on aircraft that belong to the Museum, such as a North American P-51C Mustang, a Mitsubishi Zero, and the Spirit of St. Louis.

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