In the Museum: The Mystery of the MiG

In the Museum: The Mystery of the MiG

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Remembering Don Engen

Before he lost his life in a glider accident on July 13, 1999, Donald D. Engen had a long and varied career, which included distinguished tours with the U.S. Navy, Piper Aircraft, and the Federal Aviation Administration. Engen’s final job was serving as director of the National Air and Space Museum, where he made it his top priority to raise the funds necessary to build the long-planned Dulles Center, which will house some 300 air- and spacecraft. In his autobiography Wings and Warriors: My Life as a Naval Aviator, he wrote: “Early every morning, as I enter the National Air and Space Museum’s empty and quiet great halls, which will soon be filled with thousands of visitors, I savor the cool air and walk among the many aviation and space exhibits in awe.” We can only imagine the awe and satisfaction that Engen would have felt had he lived to see the completion of the Dulles Center.

So far the Museum has raised $92 million of the $130 million required. If you would like to contribute in memory of Engen, you may send a donation to: Donald D. Engen Memorial Fund, National Air and Space Museum, Room 3509, MRC 0321, Independence Ave. at Sixth St. SW, Washington, DC 20560-0321, or call (202) 357-4487.

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