Reflecting the Glow of Flight’s Golden Age

Page through these vintage magazine covers and return to a time when the world was vast and air travel was grand.

Aeronautics, May 1930. (NASM Library)
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THE YEARS BETWEEN THE TWO WORLD WARS MADE for a particularly fertile period of aviation history, filled with invention and record-setting flights, yet few people ever set foot in an airplane. Still, the public was curious about flying, and magazine publishers responded with such titles as Flight, The Slipstream, and Airways. Most of the publications were heavily supported by industry advertisements. Magazine covers served as advertisements too, pitching the idea that flying was liberating and glamorous. Of these, the covers that best express the spirit of aviation’s Golden Age were those of Popular Aviation, a Chicago, Illinois monthly. Its covers convey not just the speed of flight but the freedom from Earthly concerns that only the airplane could afford.

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