The Designing Life

This year’s National Air and Space Museum lifetime achievement award winner, Burt Rutan, talks about music, golf and his favorite chair.

(Jim Sugar)
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I’m a golf addict. Especially the Major championships and the Ryder Cup. I have played the big courses: Pebble Beach (my dad took me there when the green fees were 15 dollars!), Cyprus Point, St. Andrew’s old, etc. I have played golf with about 20 top pro golfers, including Arnold Palmer.
I have no interest in other sports. Hey, you have no chance to play with the top pros in other sports. 

If you were head of the FAA, what would you change? 

Throw out as many regs as I could. Get back to individual responsibility, not government-restricted and -regulated flying.

How would you try to revive general aviation? 

Same answer.

What would you have become if you hadn't gone into aircraft design? 

I think an architect.

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