The Gift of Art

A recent donation by Michael and Maureen Harrigan helps the Museum fulfill its mission.

(Painting by Robert Taylor)

Dawn Operations

(Robert Taylor)

In Dawn Operations, “As dawn breaks over the south-west Pacific, a Mitsubishi F1M2 Japanese Navy seaplane makes final preparations for a reconnaissance patrol. Two escorting A6M Zero fighters from a nearby carrier make a welcoming pass overhead.”

From the book Robert Taylor: Air Combat Paintings of Robert Taylor Vol. IV: “In 1996 I was asked to paint a scene featuring Japanese aircraft, looking in from the other side, as it were…. I was given a completely free hand with the painting and decided to paint a relatively peaceful scene, as I felt this would rest easily within the tropical island setting I had in mind. I rejected the temptation to make the Zero the focus of the picture, even though that aircraft is synonymous with Japan’s air effort. Instead, I indulged myself by choosing the Mitsubishi floatplane. Most small floatplanes from that era have the most wonderful configuration, and the F1M2 is no exception."

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