The Original Amazing Race

In October 1936, three journalists battled to circle the globe first.

Dorothy Kilgallen in the 1930s, when she was a correspondent for the New York Evening Journal and International News (--)

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I circumnavigated the globe in 24 days, 12 hours and 51 minutes—figuring from the time I left the city room of the New York Evening Journal until I checked back in there yesterday morning.… It’s been a thrill. I’d be a bit of a hypocrite if I assumed it was just a casual trip. It was anything but.

It was a panorama of life in two hemispheres, photographed with a quick avid lens, never to be forgotten. The earth rode under me on a swift wheel for twenty-four days, sliding beneath a Zeppelin over the Atlantic, streaking under the dusty wheels of a fast train through Italy, moving smoothly below the silver belly of a flying boat over the Mediterranean.… It was all the promised “somedays” of an earth-bound dreamer’s wish. It was adventure in a nutshell.

From Girl Around the World by Dorothy Kilgallen, David McKay Co. Philadelphia, King Features, 1936

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