The Route: Iowa City to North Platte

Pilots flying the mail cross-country in 1921 followed these directions to find landmarks along the way.

DH-4 mailplanes at Fort Crook airfield, Omaha, Nebraska, in the mid-1920s. (NASM (SI-89-12152))

U. S. Air Mail Service
Pilots’ Directions (February 1921)

Iowa City to Omaha

Miles from Chicago

191.    Iowa City, Iowa—On the eastern bank of the Iowa River. The Chicago Rock Island & Pacific has four lines running out of Iowa City. The air-mail field is south of town and on the western bank of the river. The field is small and is longer east and west.

215.    Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway.

233.    Chicago & North Western Railway.

240.    Montezuma—Directly on course on Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway.

249.    Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway.

253.    Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway.—Short line.

255.         Minneapolis & St. Louis Railway.

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