The Route: Long Island to Cleveland

Pilots flying the mail cross-country in 1921 followed these directions to find landmarks along the way.

Landing field at Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, October 1935. Note the "large white circle" called out in the directions. (NASM (SI-91-8506))

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Bellefonte to Cleveland, Ohio

0.    Bellefonte—Compass course to Cleveland approximately 310˚. Fly directly toward and over bare spot on mountain top south of gap in Bald Eagle Range. First range of mountains.

3.    Pennsylvania Railroad, following course of Bald Eagle Creek.

17.   New York Central Railroad, following course of Moshannon Creek.

35.   Clearfield, Pa.—On west branch of Susquehanna River. A small race track here serves as an emergency landing field. Two railroads, one from the north and one from the east, enter Clearfield and both go south from here.

55.    C. & M. Junction—One branch of the Buffalo, Rochelle & Pittsburgh from the east forms a junction here with the N. & S. line of the Buffalo, Rochelle & Pittsburgh Railroad. Dubois is 2 miles north of course on the N. & S. line of this railroad.

70.    Brookville—One mile north of course, west of city, is a 2-mile race track which makes an excellent emergency field.

86.    Clarion—One mile north of course. Emergency field marked by white cross and red-brick hangar is here. The Clarion River passes north edge of city. Railroad from the east ends here.

110.    Franklin, Pa.—Seven miles north of course at junction of Allegheny River and French Creek. Cross Allegheny River where there is a pronounced horseshoe bend. This is due south of Franklin.

122.    Sandy Lake—Two miles north of course. Cross the Pennsylvania Railroad at right angles 2 miles south of Sandy Lake.

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