The Route: Long Island to Cleveland

Pilots flying the mail cross-country in 1921 followed these directions to find landmarks along the way.

Landing field at Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, October 1935. Note the "large white circle" called out in the directions. (NASM (SI-91-8506))

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138.    Shenango—Two miles north of course. Three railroads enter this town from the north. Two continue south and one runs east for 3 miles and then turns southeast.

152.    New York Central Railroad, running north and south. One mile north of course the Erie crosses the New York Central at right angles. Four miles west the Erie should be crossed where it turns southward. Eight miles south of course is Warren, with eight railroads radiating out.

157.    Pennsylvania Railroad, running north and south.

165.    Baltimore & Ohio Railroad, running diagonally northeast-southwest.

206.    Cleveland on Lake Erie—The mail field is in East Cleveland between the two railroads that follow the lake shore. The field is near the edge of the city and near the edge of the freight yards of the New York Central. The field is distinctly marked by long cinder runway. The air mail hangar is in the southwest corner of the field. The Martin factory is in the northwest corner of the field.

Reprinted by permission from Pilots' Directions: The Transcontinental Airway and Its History, edited by William M. Leary, University of Iowa Press, 1990.

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