X-15: The Hollywood Version

Charles Bronson starred. The Pentagon had a few minor corrections.

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That the chase planes depicted in the script be updated from the F-86 to the F-100F and F-104 to reflect currently used aircraft if the stock footage will allow.

General Holden should be referred to as a Brig. Gen. and Commander of the Air Force Flight Test Center, not Commanding General.

c. Specific changes

Page 9, Scene 9: Should be aileron roll to the left, instead of slow roll.

Page 10, Scene 16: “Hold your position” is impossible, suggest instructions to make a 360-degree turn.

Page 29, Scene 53: NACA should be changed to NASA

Page 49, Scene 81: Proper terminology would refer to aircraft number or code name, not “B-52 to control.”

Page 50, Scene 91: Use of check list always requires that the pilot answer with the action taken and not with the word “check” or some other term such as OK, or roger.

Page 70, Scene 146: Terrminology used would probably be “pull her up,” not “lift her off,” since the airplane is already airborne.

Page 71, Scene 153: We believe the reference to pulling stick “as far back as it will go” is incorrect. Obviously, no one in the Air Force Flight Test Center has exact knowledge of the X-15, but the stick travel on most airplanes to pull up is very slight and never back as far as it will go.

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