X-15: The Hollywood Version

Charles Bronson starred. The Pentagon had a few minor corrections.

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Page 73, scene 162: Reference to altitude and % of earth’s atmosphere is incorrect. 95% of the earth’s atmosphere is below 75,000 feet, not 75 miles.

Page 79, Scene 175: It appears impossible to expect a visual sighting considering the distance between the two aircraft.

Page 90. Scene 202: Fuel is not measured in inches. Correct terminology is “minimum fuel.”

Page 91, Scene 208: Two planes flying upside down and side by side during a test operation is rather far fetched and not considered practical.

Page 92, Scene 211: F-100 engines don’t sputter.

Page 145, Scene 398: Reference to the Edwards Air Force Base landing area as “pancake” is unknown. Suggest “dry lake” or “lake bed” be used.

Stockton B. Shaw
Major, USAF
Deputy Chief Pictorial Branch Office of Information Services

Adapted by permission from X-15: The NASA Mission Reports, compiled and edited by Robert Godwin. Apogee Books, 2000.


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