A Tiltrotor Squadron in Afghanistan

Scenes of a Marine unit flying the incredible, versatile Osprey.

(Ed Darack)

Tent City

(Ed Darack)

At Camp Bastion, each squadron has a large hangar for maintenance, notes Darack. “None of the aviators live at the squadron headquarters itself. They live at Camp Leatherneck, which is a sprawling tent city. Each morning members of the ‘day shift’ of the squadron catch a bus, usually about 4:00 in the morning, from Camp Leatherneck, and take the 20-minute ride to headquarters. The ride is 20 minutes not because it’s that far from Leatherneck, but because they have to drive around the airstrip. There’s a small chow tent at the squadron, where they serve ‘tray rats,’ or tray rations.”

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