Detect and Direct

The Navy’s newest Hawkeye gets closer to the fight.

A gaggle of Hawkeyes operating out of the Naval Air Facility in Atsugi, Japan, takes to the air during a training mission. (Jarod Hodges / U.S. Navy)
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For now, the Navy plans to start retiring its E-2Cs in 2013, when the first of the new E-2Ds are scheduled to reach carrier squadrons. (Mexico, France, Egypt, Japan, Taiwan, and Singapore also fly Hawkeyes, but so far none of them has placed an order for the E-2D.) D models will look almost identical to their predecessors, and they should carry the E-2 well into its senior years. “I’m looking forward to the E-2E,” says Northrop Grumman vice president Tom Vice. “And there are plenty of other letters in the alphabet after that.” 

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