In the Museum: Honor Roll

In the Museum: Honor Roll

The Wall of Honor at the National Air and Space Museum's Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center. (Dane Penland)
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When Cain heard about the Wall of Honor, she immediately thought of her father. “What better way to honor my dad’s name? It seemed a very fitting way to make a tribute to him,” she explains.

“I dearly love flying,” Mauterer wrote in a 1965 letter to his daughter, “as it is a way of life that is difficult to fully describe but it is exhilarating...”

While Cain isn’t sure how her father became interested in aviation, she does know that his fascination with it indirectly influenced her future husband and their son to become pilots.

For more information about the Wall of Honor, visit Funds from this program are used to help preserve and restore the aircraft and spacecraft in the Museum’s collections.

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