Panther Paint Job

Watch a 57-year-old warbird go from Winona rags to Blue Angel royalty.

(John Fleck)

Photo Opp

(Bob Pitchford)

The Panther was rolled outside for a photo opp on Sunday, November 15, 2009. All markings and logos were designed by Jack Morris of JDMC Aviation Graphics, who came up with all the authentic specifications and dimensions, including Magda’s name. He supplied digital images of these to Mike Fevold of Signature Signs, who then cut and applied the vinyl decals with colleague Robert Brown. All three men donated their labor. “The decals are so thin,” says Cherry, “you can rub your hand across them and barely feel them. And it’s amazing to me how real the airplane looked once we added the canopy and the cannons.” The Panther will be unveiled to the public at an event on June 26, 2010, attended by Magda’s children and possibly representatives of the Blue Angels.

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