Warbird Obsession

It’s an addiction. Admitting you have it is the first step.

(John M. Dibbs / The Plane Picture Co.)


(John M. Dibbs / The Plane Picture Co.)

So, how does one go about getting a P-51? The short answer: It helps to have a lot of money—the beloved aircraft can sell for $1 million and up.

Considered the world's best long-range, propeller-driven escort fighter, the P-51 remains one of World War II's most recognizable warbirds. North American built more than 14,000 Mustangs, and more D-models, such as the one pictured here, than all other variants combined. The distinctive warbird remained in service with the U.S. Air Force until 1957.

The P-51D pictured is from the Air Combat Museum in Springfield, Illinois.

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