Best Children’s Books of the Year

The best aviation- and space-themed books for young readers in 2015.

This holiday season, a new crop of books about flight and space exploration offers plenty of gift possibilities for young readers from ages 2 to 14. While the age categories are suggested by the publishers, the reading level of the individual child should be taken into account.

The Flying Hand of Marco B.

(Sleeping Bear Press)

By Richard Leiter, illustrated by Shahar Kober
Sleeping Bear Press, 22 p., $15.98
An everyday car ride becomes an adventure in this rhyming tale. When Marco B. sticks his hand out the window, his imagination takes flight. The Flying Hand that swoops and soars / Beyond the windows, out the doors. / I put it up there in the sky / ’Cause only I can make it fly. Ages 5 to 7.


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