Best Children’s Books of 2017

The best aviation- and space-themed books for young readers in 2017.

For this holiday season, we’ve selected 20 books about flight and space exploration for young readers ages 2 to 14. The subjects range from Mars travel to the first woman to ascend in a hot air balloon to learning the ABCs using satellite imagery. While the age categories are suggested by the publishers, the reading level of the individual child should be taken into account. We include top recommendations from our team of young reviewers: Travis, age 9; Alexis, age 4; Anthony, age 9; and Vinny, age 4.

Our young reviewers select their favorite books of 2017, clockwise, from left: Vinny (4) creates all-new flying machines in Motor Mix: Flight, while Travis (9) delves into the latest Jigsaw Jones mystery. Alexis (4) ponders the age-old question Where Do Jet Planes Sleep at Night? while Anthony (9) contemplates satellite imagery in ABCs From Space.

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