Diary of a World War I Ace

Air combat, prison camp, and the will to fly again.

“The Lousy Bums of Hierson” displays Miller’s typical wit: “Tibbets on the right has been thru a lot. He is a typical little dried up Yankee. He has been decorated by the British for work during the Spring Somme Show 1918,” while “Mitten...can make even a German private see a joke.” (Dane Penland, from the Zenos Miller Diary)
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Three Members of the 27th Aero Squadron

(From the Zenos Miller Diary)

Three members of the 27th aero squadron: “Pink” (real name unknown), Zenos Miller, and Clifford A. McElvain. Pink writes in the diary: “They say two redheads will always quarrel, but if it is the same shade they will blend, and ‘Red’ and I blend. Cheerio Red old boy.”


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